Windows 10 : would it sell ?

Windows 10 features.png-1_0Microsoft may gains some market share as it came up with an approach which is more appealing to the smart digital market, but it may going to dig it’s own grave as of what has been offered in windows 10 is not actually new. All  feature has a similar one offered by Google, Apple, or Samsung.

Many offered features seem to be very impressive as many other was there because competitors have them.  Windows 10  was not expected to come up with a break through in these aspects, and I think the better approach is to contain the the current various platforms from apple or Google. This could be done by improving windows capabilities to communicate with the two platform. Giving the fact that smartphone applications are getting very advanced whoever it will not qualify to completely replace Microsoft Office for example.

In a very obvious try to appeal to the smart phone market, Microsoft replaces the name of the program with app, and  in mixes the use of mouse with touch screen, and last it  offered the hologram application, but I don’t know how it is going to benefit businesses. The missing point is all these fancy touch screen are not really trusted by businesses.  The lost market share of user will never come back to Microsoft. This is a fact  that Microsoft needs to comprehend. It is the natural change of human needs.

In my opinion the motive which pushed Microsoft to look different every  year  is really taking away the credit for the good features added to its product. Microsoft is a giant software company but the continuous stumbling may give a golden chance to the competitors to take the lead. To conclude, I wish Microsoft was not as greedy as the other tech. giants and tried to work out compatible solution that serve the public, but this only happen in the perfect life.

@Taha Abdelghafar

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