Two Words Solution to Climate Problem 

As NASA declare 2016 the hottest year in record What can you do?

Protesting may bring the attention of the media to the case which may lead to political debate on the validity of global warming in the first place. Not only that, but our economy is built on consumption, and the dilemma is less energy consumption means economy shrinking. The hardest action any government would be participating in because it may lead eventually to partial or complete government shutdown. So, do not count on any government in the world to save it. It is  possible to take  matter to your hand, and to save the planet as to save the future of many generation to com. The action I am proposing is not  to study environmental science nor to be politically involved and to serve some time in jail as you will be arrested.

It is ridiculously simple, and it is two words.

  #Consume Less

and here some example and fact which may help you in your way of rescuing this planet. These are the ideas I had in mind, but you can get more creative, and please share your thoughts on the comment section.


Buy waht you need, not what you can.

Sales is an opportunity to charge you for cleaning the warehouses.

Always buy the minimum insurance required.

Abandance in supply doesn’t mandate aggrasive consumption.

Internet usage

Make your social life to be more than a website.

Getting loan is selling your future to the bank.

Get a way from the internet one day a week.

Use your labtop, and you will not need a tablet.

Keep as much cash in your hand as you could.

Buy from local store not from the big chains.

Focus on the news that surrounding your home.

Cut your tv cable.

Get to know your neighbor.

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