Trump supporters shrug off the fuss, say he gets it

when the nonsense speaks for itself….

Think about it, Hooker, 47, said of the Muslim tourists, immigrants and refugees Trump wants to bar from coming to the U.S. You don’t know if they like us. To dozens of Trump supporters interviewed in the past week by The Associated Press in the first-to-vote states of Iowa, New Hampshire and South Carolina, the near universal condemnation of the billionaire’s plan is simply baffling. “When you’re in war, you have to take steps that are not American to protect yourself and defend the country,” said Margaret Shontz, of Cedar Falls, Iowa, as she arrived at a Trump campaign stop in Des Moines on Friday. New Hampshire state Rep. Stephen Stepanek, Trump’s campaign co-chairman in the state, said the reaction to Trump’s proposal fit the pattern of his campaign: First outrage, then a realization Trump hit the nail on the head. A CBS News poll also found nearly 6 in 10 Americans opposed the ban, with two-thirds saying it goes against the country’s founding principles. While Trump has brushed back criticism, including from some Republicans, that his idea smacks of bigotry, some of his backers take that charge personally. Another Cannon’s employee, 50-year-old Wayne Weathers, chimed in: The drive-by media says everybody’s a racist who supports Trump.

Source: Trump supporters shrug off the fuss, say he gets it

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