Top 10 U.S. trending searches in 2012

According to Detroit free press the top ten trending search for 2012 are ranked in the following order: 1. Whitney Houston 2. Hurricane Sandy 3. Election 2012 4. Hunger Games 5. Jeremy Lin 6. Olympics 2012 7. Amanda Todd 8. Gangnam Style 9. Michael Clarke Duncan 10. Kony 2012 While these terms represent important events happened in 2012, I looked at them from a different angle to find the criteria based on which americans evaluate their surroundings. The number one search was Whitney Houston and this search reflect how important the celebrity in american’s life. When they see their fans they scream like crazy they eat, live, and even die according to their fan style. Hurricane Sandy comes second to ironically show the fact that while americans are considered the world leaders they more to worry only about their own problems. Election 2012 surprisingly came third regardless how much money were spent on promoting all candidates, and that also shows the that many americans are not interested in politics. Hunger Games unexpectedly came fourth. Even though it is a movie like many others but has extremely exaggerate the way governments manipulate and distract the public as a way to obtain power stability. I think this was one of the reason promotes this movie in this time of revolutions going around the world. Jeremy Lin came fifth to represents a dream for many students school who became a sport celebrity after joining the basketball Rocket team. It is a different type of celebrity but it cater to the youth who represents the major group of the internet users, and I think this was reason for him to book this position. Olympics 2012 came sixth regardless the importance, the size of such event but it seems the women in the Olympic are not as attractive as those in Hollywood. Amanda Todd came the seventh place with her silent manual slid show of hand written paper slides. The sad story indicate the shocking absence of the role of family in involving the teen’s problem or to share what is going on in their life. Amanda may put an end to her suffering by commenting suicide, but that was a bigger mistake that prevent her to correct any mistake she have ever made. Gangnam Style came at the eighth place with this famous dance which was the most youtube watched ever. The video seems to be more abnormal than fascinating or including any high tech to give promotion over many qualified attractive video on the network, but the continuous move forward in the song may be was the secret behind it is viral spread. Michael Clarke Duncan came at number nine. The death of the man with an extraordinary huge muscular body brought him back to the surface of the media to get the maximum out of his life as well as his death. The movie of Kony 2012 came at the tenth place. Kony who was introduced as a symbol of evil in this movie still out there regardless the effort and the money which has been spent. The person who once came on the time’s cover have a hundred thousands of volunteers to make him the most famous criminal. This might work to capture him but it may also put an end to organization that collect funds to his capture.

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