Startec Fraud

Startec is a misleading company who trick the customers with posting false rates, and this is part of the conversation with customer care. Sharael: Hello my name is Sharael. Thank you for contacting Startec Customer Care. Sharael: Thank you. How may I assist you today? Taha: I made phone calls to egypt and the posted rate is 3.9 cents, but i was billed on 12 cents per minute Sharael: Mrs. Mohamed this is the rate with the new plan: Sapphire plus for The Middle East. Sharael: Your current plan is CELLCONNECT ELITE. Taha: So you only post the rate for this plan? Sharael: It is correct. If you want to have this rate, you should change your package. Sharael: 3.9 is the rate for cellphones in Egypt. Taha: But it says on your website “Our Rates From The U.S” without neither mentioning any thing about the plan nor listing this plan in the product list. Sharael: Mme, let me explain you how the new sapphire works. Sharael: For the first 200 minutes you pay a regular rate, after the 200 minutes you receive the discount. Taha: can you send me the link of where is this stated in your website? Sharael: Mme, those rates are not posted on the web page. Sharael: But, I will provide you the information. Sharael: Egypt Land 6.9¢ /after 200 minutes 2.9¢ Egypt Cell 6.9¢/after 200 minutes 3.9¢ Taha: So, this is kind of misleading the customers with your products and I would like to cancel my account. Sharael: I’m sorry; we cannot cancel accounts via chat for security reasons. Please contact our customer service department at 1-800-827-3374 (US) 1877-882-1111 (Canada).

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