Should Muslims say Merry Christmas?


How Do Muslims Believe In Jesus?

For Muslims Jesus is a miracle that never happened before nor it will happen again. As he was born from the virgin Mary who was never married nor she commit fornication. The almighty Allah says let be Jesus and he was in the stomach of his mom. In the same time Muslims believe in Jesus as a miracle that has not ended yet. Muslims believe Jesus is coming back to spread justice, and equality in this world after it has been ruined by greed and transgression. To Muslims, Jesus is a prophet in whom they truly believe. To Muslims,  Jesus is a prophet like prophet Mohammed peace be upon him. Both prophet’s mission was to deliver the message of god to mankind, and both of them were humans like us.

Crusaders and Terrorist

Some Muslims may see all Christians as crusaders, and  some Christians may consider all Muslims as terrorists, and these are the extremists in both sides. Between these two groups congratulations on Christmas or Muslims feasts are not a valid possibility. So, there is no need to cover it in this article. The focus here  is on the vast majority of both sides who know there is a fundamental differences between Islam and Christianity, but they  believe  Muslim and Christian still can live together in the same country, city, neighborhood, and in the same house.

Is Christmas is Christian in the first place?

This question is not a new one and has been answered by many other among them

MISS JANE A STEWART (1) who wrote about the origin of Christmas, and she mentioned the celebration comes from tradition excited before Christianity.

Also John H. Ogwyn (1949–2005) in his article IS CHRISTMAS CHRISTIAN?

Christmas is a celebration of Jesus birth, but Jesus himself never done it nor there is command to do it in the bible. So, celebration of Jesus birth is an innovated christian practice.

1-The Origin of Christmas MISS JANE A STEWART New York Observer and Chronicle (1833-1912); Dec 19, 1901; 79, 51; American Periodicals pg. 792

Difference between Islam and Christianity

The core of Islam is the oneness of Allah, and Allah never had a parents nor offspring. Allah is the creator that has no resemblance to any of his creation. Allah created the universe and the mankind. That being said, there are fundamental difference between Islam and Christianity which is based on that Jesus is the son of god, and since we can agree on the fact that Islam and Christianity are different, and people on each side  feel they are on the right path which imply the other side is on the wrong one. A few from both sides understand the fact that they can live together with no enmity and with full cooperation and respect. In addition, both Islam and Christianity NEVER call to eradicate the other religion, but these calls have been the narrative used by the least knowledgeable in both sides.


It is obvious now when a Muslim is saying Merry Christmas is falling into a big dilemma because considering  the scenario that Christmas is a Jesus birth celebration by Christian, This will be contradicting his own Islamic principals as he congratulating an event Prophet Jesus Peace be upon him never celebrate. The other possible scenario is that a Muslim is congratulating an event that is not originally christian which would present an act of hypocrisy.

Islam and Christianity both comprise a great deal of mutual respect of human value and human relationship, but the complete merge of these two religion is impossible. However, coexistence which is based on respect and dignity, and honor is real live experience that happened in the history, and is currently happening in some place around the world, and it will keep going in the future. That is why I wanted to explain why Christian should not expect Muslims to say Merry Christmas, as Muslims also should not expect Christian to say Mouled Mubarak when Muslims observing the innovation of celebrating the birthday of prophet Mohamed peace be upon him.

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