Seeking Popular Support or Calling for a Civil War in Egypt??

With current tension in the streets of Egypt, Gen. Sissi is coming up with what I think the most dangerous act in the history of Egypt. Just by looking for the past three weeks count of fatalities we have more than 150 killed and about 2000 injured. Those who died or injured include police, army, and protestor. Violation were recorded on all involved parties, however police and army are responsible for most of the fatalities. After July 3 coup that ousted Morsi, there was mass protests where thousands of Egyptians demanding that he is restored. The call for protest will ignite a violence which will be for sure out of control of the government that fails over and over to prevent the high record of casualties. This Friday will be a massacre for both sides where each party will be going out not only to control the scene but also to seek revenge for those who were killed from his side. This call is absolutely uncivilized and illegal in sense that there is no accurate measure to hold to as that the general has won the public support or not. I am very concerned about the level of casualties on the coming Friday and we might be talking about the level of Algeria massacre where the army killed about 150,000 citizen. It is absolutely scary and there is nothing good will happen on that day if the Gen. Sissi did not take back his call or the Muslim brother decided not to participate on that day.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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