Fraud on the name of

Fraud on the name of

I got the following message through Linkedin


See below Vacancy Request for our ongoing marketing research program. Smerud-Research is looking for retail service evaluators. Due to my personal experience with the company I am glad to refer you. We require part time representatives who will be sent on assignment to nearby stores where medical supplies are sold to inspect one or two medical products and also give us feedback on their customer service delivery. DESCRIPTION OF ASSIGNMENT US residents only. Inspection of medical products. Guideline for each assignment will be provided. Your Instruction for your assignment will be e-mailed. Assignments to be completed quick as possible but flexible. You will receive funding for each assignment. PAYMENT: A monthly salary of USD $2,000 will be paid every month. Smerud Research caters for all expenses for the assignment. To sign up email your details below to: Your Full Name: Home Address: City: State: Zip Code: Your Mobile Phone Number: Email: [ALL APPLICATIONS MUST BE SENT TO THE ABOVE EMAIL] This vacancy is part time and will not require much of your time as assignment can be carried out at your free time in the day. Smerud Medical Research Team. Text:(541-862-5134)”

Right after, I sent a message to the company, and I got the following response

I am afraid that this is just fraud; this person/group has operated with various names over the last couple of weeks claiming to represent Smerud Sweden, but it is not true at all.  
I am sorry for this inconvenience, and we have reported it to LinkedIn, but so far without any effect, I am afraid.  

Best regards,

Knut T. Smerud, MSc
President & CEO
Smerud Medical Research International AS, P.o. box 81 Skøyen, N-0212 Oslo, Norway.
(Visiting address Karenslyst alle 6, N-0278 Oslo, Norway).
Tel.: +47 2327 2000. Fax:+47 2327 2001. Mobile: +47 9089 2577 

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