PE (Professional Engineering) Exam & Friday Prayer


PE exam is a profitable step for engineers, but its cost for Muslim engineers may exceed the exam fees to one of the Muslim’s important rituals. NCEES (National Council of Examiners for Engineering and Surveying) was founded in 1920 to improve the design uniformity and to increase public safety. Since that time it has been developing and scoring exam for engineers as well as for the surveyors.PE exam is one of the service which make NCEES Very popular in the engineering sector. PE exam is an eight hour exam in two sessions. Each session lasts for 4 hours. The exam usually starts at 8:00AM and extend till 5:00PM with one hour break in the middle. The exam date are published on NCEES web site for the coming ten years. As this seems to be good news for everyone to be prepared it is not so good for Muslim engineers because all PE exams are scheduled on Friday. On Friday Muslims have a very important ritual, which is Friday Prayer. This ritual is conducted at the noon time and it may take about forty minute.  However Muslims shouldn’t miss this ritual, PE exam put many of them under pressure to compromise their religious obligation to be able to attend the exam. The good news is NCEES actually provide a special accommodation for those who have such religious obligation. The right time to request this accommodation is at the registration. To conclude, if any Muslim brother/sister planning to take the PE exam please make sure to request the religious accommodation at the time of the registration, but the bad news is that you will have to pay extra $300.00. It is even more than the fees of the exam it self. NCEES , will offer you a different day other than Friday. At the end, I would like to Thank Tracy snider and the administration team of the NCEES for their Cooperation.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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