Palestinian eviction case spotlights Jerusalem settler push – Houston Chronicle

The experience inspired the 37-year-old Palestinian father of two to become a researcher for groups fighting attempts by Jewish settlers to move into properties in the city’s central Arab areas. The Israeli Supreme Court is now poised to rule in the final legal battle over the apartment, and Sub-Laban has tapped into his network of contacts to try to halt the eviction by putting pressure on the Israeli government. By talking about the case and inviting Western diplomats to his home in the historic Muslim Quarter, he also hopes to draw attention to the dozens of other Palestinian families at risk of being forced out of their homes in Jerusalem. The friction over Israeli settlement in Jerusalem comes at a time when chances for a return to talks on a partition deal — effectively on hold since Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s came to power in 2009 — are almost non-existent due to a lack of common ground between the key negotiators. A recent bout of deadly violence has deepened the hostilities. Since mid-September, 19 Israelis and an American student have been killed in Palestinian attacks, mostly stabbings, while nearly 120 Palestinians have been killed, 80 of them said by Israel to be attackers and the others in clashes with Israeli troops. Settler activities in the crowded Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem are part of a wider settlement campaign that has been widely criticized by Europe and the United States. Since 1967, Israel’s government has built large neighborhoods for Jews in east Jerusalem, along with dozens of settlements in the West Bank. During British rule over historic Palestine, before the 1948 war over Israel’s creation, the building was owned by a trust for Kollel Galicia, a group that collected funds in Eastern Europe for Jewish families in Jerusalem.

Source: Palestinian eviction case spotlights Jerusalem settler push – Houston Chronicle

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