Islamic State of Egypt

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Revolution in Egypt is showing a new face “Islam”. This face did not impress many parties inside or outside Egypt. While the 85 million population country is in deep division between Islamic parties which has a strong public support made them to won the last elections on all levels and secular how are really coming back to gain some support relying on the Christians and those who were harmed by 2011 revolution, it has become very clear Islam will not be only a religion in Egypt. The western democratic model is creating more problem than solution in the region especially for the west itself. Hamas won the election so the system is not good any more and the same role apply when Muslim Brothers won in Egypt. The root of the change is not Hamas or MB it is the people who brought them to power. These people lost hope on the secular rolling system who has not improve or showed any sincere effort to improve the hard live of the public rather they enjoying their own privilege as the west representative in the region. The failure of the secular is not only because they were not active but also their call is not any more convincing to the mass of religious public.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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