Grainger of 59 Houston; Possible Credit Card Security Issues

Grainger of 59 Houston; Possible Credit Card Security Issues, and I will tell why. It was around 12 pm when I walked in to the Grainger store on 59 south in Houston to buy some rubber edging. Got every thing I need and left after using my credit card for payment. The surprise was unfolded around 3:00 pm where I got a security alert from my bank of three transaction in different places in Houston. These transaction totaled around $200. Luckily the bank were able to notify me promptly, and I was not liable to any of these transaction. The weird part is I didn’t loos my card, and one of the transaction was in Kroger, and another one was in a gas station.

The reason why I think there is a credit card security problem at Grainger is I have been using this card for long time with no problem, and this was the only usage for the card on that day. Another factor which may support this thought is the casher used  what I think an online payment processor not a credit card machine, and the payment was billed to, and by the way this card is the one that has a chip on and the issuer of this card says it is more secure than other.

My problem now is this card was canceled by the bank and which was necessary to stop and investigate these transaction. While this credit card  was on auto payment for different services, now I need to go and update the new card information. Another problem that might be more complicated which I need to return items to bought with card and the store is only able to refund to that card, but I hope there is another way around that.  At the end, it seems the payment system  seems to get sophisticated, and so the technique of the hackers.

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