What should we fear?

United States is the most powerful country in the world, however if we try answer a question about what should we fear while Living in the united states? The answer might be very surprising because it has a lot of dangers which do not exist in other place in the world. The list my varies from a nuclear terrorist attack to a black widow bite. While these two example represents the sophistication and the simplicity of these dangers, it also represent the uniqueness of them. Fear, might be the reason this country become a head of the rest of the world, because when the human is afraid he is more obedient and submitting to the governing system. Also it makes it easy to predict the behavior of the public and to set plans accordingly. There are a lot of examples to support this analysis. One of them is the insurance involvement in the american life. the basic concept of insurance is that the person needs to be afraid first of something bad to happen, so he/she will seek protection. the fear makes it easy to buy insurance as a protection from any foreseen losses. People buy the full coverage insurance because they are afraid they might get in accident, or the buy health insurance because they are afraid of sickness and so forth.. But, dose it work? it works very good for the minority who is getting benefit of providing insurance, but not for those who buying it. How so? to figure this out there is no need to go through economic analysis because it obvious that the profit of the insurance companies is the extra cost on the services provided.

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