Energy is the unknown, famous, tool, and goal in our live. The definition of energy is controversial till this time however the source is well known because it raises everyday in front of our eyes. It shines with its golden beams of light to keep everything moving wind, trees, animals, and human. Everyone wants to catch the day to live as much as possible and to absorb as much possible. It is the daily race which has been going on since the life started on this planet The strange thing about energy is that as the energy flow to the earth, particles rush to get together to form a big tree or muscles or family as it keeps on feeding for certain time and then it is the time to reverse the cycle. The particles will go back to the ground and the energy will be released again to start a new cycle with a new generation. Looking where I can insert the evolution theory to the big picture of the origin of life I could not see a spot where these concepts could fit. This none sense theory creates more questions than answers for example which one comes first? Animal or plant and which one started the evolution process to invade the kingdom of the other.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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