Egypt and its political standoff

Politics Standoff in egypt

It was not a surprise to many who are aware of the current Egyptian politics to see the new revolution. These protests across Egypt resemble to a great extend the protests which forced the ousted president Mubarak to leave power in 2011. Muslim Brothers was a main player in the protest back then, but now the seats has been exchanged after the Muslim brothers falls to trap of grapping the power in Egypt. The trap was to be in power but not able to change or to improve. Mubarak has left but his loyal member of the regime still there in many level of the government. This put the new president Mursi in a unbalanced position that led him to major mistakes . Based on these facts, the expected scenario are not many. Among them the violent one where those in front of the presidential palace will break into the palace and occupy it while they are also controlling Tahrir Square. In such situation the army will stand helpless and may not be able to take any action. On the other hand the president and his follower will not consider this as important as it really is and will stead fast to their right as the elected party to who won the first democratic presidential election. This will be the worst scenario to think off which will lead to long term standoff with unexpected end in the near future. The other scenario is the peaceful one where each side will remain calm and in this case the opposition protests will lose support as time goes especially in the month of Ramadan. This will represent a victory the president Morsi supporters which will not lead to more stability either if they keep the same attitude of running the country with the one man show concept. I pray we will not lose more life in this endless hassle of distrust and enmity which might take the Egyptians some time to get over.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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