Egypt The Political Roller Coaster




Mohammed Badie

As the news agencies and the social media is almost exploding with news of arresting the spiritual leader of Muslim brothers Mohammed Badie, it was also as busy with the news of the court decision to let Mubarak free within two days. In the mean time the ousted president Mursi with temporary held in jail for extra 15 days. Egypt is the fastest political roller coaster have ever happened, where the leader of the country are going back and forth between jail and leadership positions. In every time there is a lot of blood to be shed and chaos to spread though out the country with intentional lack of security. The ironic expectation is Mubarak is coming back on time with planned presidential election and it may not be a surprise if he won as usual with 99.99%. This time is different than the 2011 and it may not settle down any time soon, because there are so much anger in the street and misconduct from the army and security force.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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