Economical Driving

Electrical and hybird cars were known for their economical gas consumption, but there is also way to use your very conventional car in an economical monnar. In the past decade there was a great advancement in the automotive industry toward the usage of renewable energy. The hope to have all cars to run on electricity rather to run on gas still for fetched and near the impossible, but it is there. As many of us still use conventional cars there is also a chance to drive in a manner that is a bit economical.
The most used controling elements in the car after putting it on drive is the gas and brake padels. The usage of the gas padel is more tricky becuse there is a point between to extremes. Below and above this point the engine efficiency decreess. This point varies with the engine size, but it is usually between 2000- 3000 RPM. The brake padel is simple when we know the fact that the more brake is used the more energy is wasted. To conclude be safe and try your best to be economical.

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