Cycle of Military Ruling in Islamic Countries

SISI P Musharaf Rabaa red mosque


It was almost dawn time in the Red Mosque on July 10th 2007 in Pakistan, when the security force decided to storm the Red Mosque. There was some negotiation going on to end the standoff peacefully, but for some reason it all failed at the end to give a green light to ready troops to storm the mosque. There was a report about these student were heavily armed. Therefore about eight solder were killed before the crackdown came to an end. From the other side there was a conflict report about how many students were killed in the crackdown ranged from 173 to 1000. The bodies were buried in temporary grave till the relatives come to retrieve it. The country was living in shock and denial of what happen. Security was put in high alert considering a strong backlash of the massacre. The leader of the country at that time who gave the order to storm the mosque was Pervaiz Musharaf President of Pakistan, who came to power through a military coup. After he jailed the Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif who appointed him as four-star general. Later on Pervaiz Musharaf was impeached and sent to exile in London for four years. Yesterday in Egypt, it was also the same scenario except some minor differences in dates and names. The crackdown was in Raba Mosque. There were no heavy arms with the protestor. The number of soldiers killed was 43. The protesters killed were about 620. Tomorrow there will be a mass protest throughout Egypt. The expected result may not be very different from Pakistan. The leader general Cici how also expected to be the president came to power through a military coup, after he jailed Mohamed Morsi who appointed Cici Chief General of The Army. The expected difference is that the Egyptian will not send Cici to an exile but he may get a harsh ending.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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