Can we steal thieves?

Can we steal thieves?

It has been agreed upon that thieves are bad people and they should be punished for their misconduct, but how and who should take care of decision, and who should be in charge of applying these punishment. These two simple quistions around which legal system worldwide is revolving. When The procedures are clear and the assignment leave no chance for volunteer to interfere based on their whims or revenge which lead to a closed loop of  transgression and make  the crime to look as legal or heroic act.

In a civilized society where the human right is properly considered the examples of situation where the voluntary effort turn the establishment of justice to a long series of mischief that affect not only the criminal and the victim but move beyond to destroy the society.Finally we can not steal thieves because this will not bring in justice but it will increase crime.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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