In Cairo down town, Tahrir Square’s Thugs Kidnapped a Professor from Al-Azhar University

Mahmoud Shaaban

Mahmoud Shaban, a prominent Islamic professor from Al-Azhar university was kidnapped from a street close by Tahrir Square. This act sends a mixed signals as the some efforts been put to solve the complicated situation in Egypt. Mahmoud Shaban has no charges to be arrested for, and even if there is any these thugs has right to keep him in custody. This is a dangerous step which may ignite a wave of violence. It has not be clear of how these thugs were informed to about the location of Mahmoud Shaban. It is possible that the story has more to it that is Mahmoud Shaban might have been tracked through his cell phone and these thugs were informed by some parties who are interested to take the conflict to another level.

© Taha Abdelghafar

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