Burn off your fingerprints

Burn your fingerprintsBurn your fingerprintsBurn off your fingerprintsImmigration reform is good news to some, but it is bad news for other. Those who came illegally to this country are now getting privellege, and soon they may make their way to green card or even citizenship. It is good that these families will no longer have to hide, and no one will be able to take advantage of them. On the other hand,  the issue is more complex than justhelp these poeple who came to this country with hope for better life for them and for their children. The amplixty comes from the fact that many highly skilled workers with Master and PhD on H1B visa are struglling to justify their status in this country through a long, frustrating procedures. Their hope is to get a more stable status through which they could feel more secure form deportation in case their employer decide to lay them off because of our fluid economy. As we know our economy provide no guarantee for tomorrow’s job. So, Immigration reform is good to minimize the suffering of the illegal families , but it is not fair for those who have been leagly suffering.

As these highly educated individuals are watching this reform going on. They wished that they have come to this country illegally. Not only that, some of then got even more creative when he suggested to burn his/her fingerprint, and therfore considered as an illegal resident.

To conclude, it is very nice to be helpful, but it is very important to be just, and fair.

@ Taha Abdelghafar

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