August 20, 2014

Arabic Classes

This series of classes will cover different subjects where each class is a prerequisite for the next. There are three classes that will give the student a solid understanding of reading and writing Arabic: Arabic 101, Arabic 102, and Arabic 103.
Each class is divided into sections to escort the student gradually through the class objectives. Arabic 101 is composed of two sections: The first section covers reading and writing of the alphabets. The second section covers sounds, short vowels, long vowels, word endings, pronunciation, and how they are used in writing. Arabic 102 covers joining letters to form words as well as how each letter looks at the beginning, middle, and end of a word. Example for each case will help to gain more vocabulary. Arabic 103 focuses on joining words to form complete meaningful sentences. It will also cover the structure of different types of sentences. English pronunciation of the Arabic letters (transliteration) was avoided because it will not help as the student moves to other level.

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